About Us

About Us

John DeLucia shares his experience with Hamilton Southeastern Education Foundation.

The Hamilton Southeastern Education Foundation (HSEF) was formed in 2001 to benefit every student, every grade, every school within HSE Schools.  HSEF is rooted in innovation and the mission to bring the next best practices in education home to local students and teachers.  

We are proud of the impact our strong schools have made on the greater Fishers community.  Through numerous fund-raising activities, the Foundation has awarded over $1.5 million in staff and student-led grants and scholarships since its inception.

Our Mission

Hamilton Southeastern Education Foundation enhances educational opportunities, inspires excellence and engages the community to foster a legacy of achievement.

Our Vision

A unified community committed to the advancement of exemplary public schools

Our Values

STUDENTS: Every student deserves an excellent public education.

EDUCATORS: Well-supported professional educators are essential for a high-quality, innovative school system.

COMMUNITY: Diverse perspectives strengthen community support for exemplary public education.

FOUNDATION: High-quality public schools are the foundation of a strong local economy and thriving community.