Community Grant Partners

Since its inception in 2001, the Hamilton Southeastern Education Foundation (HSEF) has served the Hamilton Southeastern Schools community by supplementing state and local funding to support innovative programs that enhance the student experience.  Part of our core mission is to provide teacher, classroom, school and district grants.  Grant awards historically honored exemplary and innovative teaching.  However, due to constraints in government funding for K-12 schools, the foundation has been called on to provide gap funding for basic educational needs as well.

HSEF is proud to partner with local organizations, businesses and private donors to leverage additional support for our schools.  These partnerships demonstrate the enormous impact local philanthropy has on the community.

Comprehensive Student Success Fund is dedicated to inspiring innovation specifically in comprehensive school counseling, equity and inclusion.  School counseling encompasses a range of student success services including academic advising, college and career readiness, social emotional learning, and mental health support.

Church Church Hittle & Antrim launched the annual Civics Education Fund in 2015. These funds are restricted to supporting education related to government, law, and citizenships. Examples include, but are not limited to, We the People and Mock Trial.

Tri Kappa is a unique, local philanthropic organization that focuses on education. In 2015, the Fishers chapter began providing funding to HSEF.  Each grant cycle, requests for support far exceed available funds. Tri Kappa has ensured far more of these proposals may be granted – ultimately impacting hundreds of local students.

HSE Trustees Legacy Fund was created by current and past members of the Board of School Trustees for HSE Schools.  These funds support a student led and student selected grant process.  Criteria for the grant parameters would be based on the current year’s board district goals.  Student awarded grants are typically under $500.  Any faculty or staff member applying for these funds, but not selected, will automatically be considered for general Foundation funds.