Hamilton Southeastern Education Foundation Launches New User Experience

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Hamilton Southeastern Education Foundation Launches New User Experience

Sep 09, 2020

Hamilton Southeastern Education Foundation (HSEF), formerly known as Hamilton Southeastern Schools Foundation, released a new user experience in September 2020. This rebranding includes a new logo and refreshed website.

The new look and website came together through a collaboration with a variety of community members. “We started the process this past spring by having conversations with several Foundation stakeholders including our board, volunteers, parents, students, teachers, alumni, and members of the business community. From these insights we developed a refreshed brand that helps reflect the amazing work being done by our teachers and students within our schools.” said Justin Hirnisey, Executive Director. In 2019-20, the Foundation supported 64 grant projects, impacting students in 23 HSE buildings from elementary through high school.

The new HSEF website offers a modern, streamlined approach to connect the HSE community and provide a first-hand view at how engaging with HSEF helps bring the next best practices in education home to local students and teachers. “We added new video spotlight sections to our website and look forward to working with our many stakeholders to better tell the story of how connecting and investing in the Foundation helps advance HSE Schools.” said Justin. “In what has been a challenging year for all of us, this new experience will help us better demonstrate our support for all HSE schools, teachers, and students.”

Hamilton Southeastern Education Foundation may have a new look, but dedication and commitment to their prevailing mission lives on: enhance educational opportunities, inspire excellence and engage the community to foster a legacy of achievement. Since its inception in 2001, Hamilton Southeastern Education Foundation has invested over $1.5 million into local public education through staff and student grants, scholarships, and district initiatives. 

To learn more about Hamilton Southeastern Education Foundation and support innovation within HSE Schools, please visit www.hsefoundation.org.