Small Scholarships Add Up for Students


November is National Scholarship Month. Bet you didn’t know that unless you’re a high school senior or a guidance counselor!  A simple Google search will uncover a slew of scholarship tips, m myths, and application sties.  Of all the advice floating in cyberspace today, one is often overlooked:  pay attention to small scholarships.

Smaller scholarships offer many benefits, most noticeably, reduced competition.  One recent study showed more than 50% of visitors to a popular search site would not consider applying for any scholarships under $1,000.  As a result, many small scholarships received far few applicants.  That’s important insight for modern students who are much more likely to offset high education costs with a patchwork approach to scholarships than a single full ride award.

Perhaps more important than dollars, scholarships also are associated with psychological benefits that may impact student success.  The recognition that accompanies scholarship awards may boost confidence which has been tied to both influencing college choice as well as increasing college persistence.  Recipients report feeling special or labeled as exceptional even among deep pools of talented candidates.

The Hamilton Southeastern Schools Foundation is proud to award approximately 175 scholarships of all sizes annually.  These scholarships, exclusively available to students at Fishers High School and HSE High School, represent more than 10% of the graduating class!  The HSSF common scholarship application for 2015 will be released soon and we expect to have two new scholarships to add.  Until then, don’t forget to stay connected with your guidance office, check out what Legacy Fund can offer our students, and read up on one of our favorite scholarships blog posts.