Time Capsule

As we prepare to begin the 2019-20 school year, the Hamilton Southeastern Schools Foundation (HSSF) is offering an exciting opportunity for families and friends of incoming kindergartners to support our award-winning HSE Schools: the HSSF Time Capsule.

The HSSF Time Capsule savings program is loosely modeled on the long-term investment strategy of one of our founding fathers, Benjamin Franklin.  As the story goes, shortly before his death in 1790, Franklin donated 1000 British pounds to both Boston and Philadelphia to support public works.  Those funds had to sit untouched for 200 years.  By 1970, the magic of compounding interest collectively grew to $7,500,000 for the two cities.

We are bringing Franklin’s penny-wise strategy to HSSF! Donations to the Time Capsule will be collected from kindergarten families throughout the 2019-2020 school year.  Then those funds will sit, untouched, for 12 years until today’s kindergartners are ready to don their gowns and toss their caps.  The resulting funds will be used for scholarships.  Donors can contribute directly to the Class of 2032 Time Capsule or help build the scholarship endowment as a permanent legacy for all graduating classes.  Each subsequent class will create their own time capsule, fueling the return rate for the Class of 2032.

HSE Schools expects to welcome approximately over 1,400 kindergartners to the incoming Class of 2032.  We hope that each of you decide to make a tax-deductible gift to this program and set the bar high for years to come!  Your name or your business name will be listed on the class gift announcement, now and in 2032.